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How Do You Know You're In Love?

So you've met the one. The one person who makes you feel...everything. Gives you the same excitement and rush you get after winning a jackpot from online slots. But how do you know if it's really the Big L, love? That's been the question that has beleaguered humanity since the dawn of time.

Poets have written billions of words devoted to the search for love. We have spent countless hours pondering the quest in our hearts and minds. It is the quintessential search of the human heart. So how do we know when it is real?

We will examine the signs, symptoms, and scenarios surrounding this elusive emotion with some experts' help.

Might As Well Face It 

Love causes a change in our brain. It creates a huge dump of dopamine into our system that is labeled an addiction. We simply cannot get enough of it. Our thoughts and desires all revolve around being with and near that one person. We simply cannot feel complete without them.

Unlike drugs, the euphoria of love does not diminish when the rush of dopamine wears off. We still feel the emotion. It doesn't wane or recede. 

The Need For Support

Another sure sign is the need for your family and friends to like this person as well. You want confirmation that this person is unique and special. The support of your support system is vital to your happiness.

This need can serve as confirmation of the validity of your feelings. It also adds to the support that will be needed as the relationship progresses.

It's More About Them 

Another accurate measure of the strength of love is the value of the other person. Their needs, their success matters more than your own. Even when you fail, you want to see them succeed. Lifting the other is a great indicator of real love.

The desire for another's success comes from true selfless love. The success of your love interest fills you with a sense of accomplishment.


The emotional and physical effects of love are the standard we can determine the diagnosis by. With that diagnosis, we can pursue the act of loving and sharing our life with another. The act of sharing our lives is just the beginning, though. Once we've committed to the emotional investment, we can begin to work on the relationship's longevity. 

Love is the pursuit of a dream. We all search for it, and hopefully, we all will find it.

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