Episode 026 : Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne of Mason-Dixon Knitting

Episode 026 : Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne of Mason-Dixon Knitting

Today I have the immense pleasure of speaking with two icons of the knitting world. Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne were very early influences to me in my knitting career. Their work showed me what was possible when I was just getting started, and has continued to be a beacon of inspiration and education for me over the past decade.

When you start something new, you’re taking a step in an unknown direction. For me, knitting was something that came up organically, almost accidentally. A friend offered to teach me, I dabbled, and eventually I became obsessed. When I was ready to feed my addiction, the MDK ladies were there. Their first book, Mason-Dixon Knitting,  was literally one of the first knitting books I bought.

In this episode we talk about how Ann and Kay met in the early ages of the internet before knit blogging was a thing. With Ann living in Nashville and Kay in New York, their unique approach bridged that divide through knitting. It helped them forge a friendship first and a business partnership later.

We also chat about long term friendship and collaboration (including its highs and lows) ; how they’ve maintained an interest in knitting over the years; craftivism and the role that knitting has played in politics and our maker communities.

We also have some fun at the end and talk favorite colors, desert island yarns, current knitting projects, and more.

Ann Shayne & Kay Gardiner Interview on The Stash Podcast

In This Episode

Rowan Magazine


Designer Julia Farwell-Clay

Food 52

MDK Field Guide Series

Melanie Falick

Koigu yarn

Veronik Avery Hadley Pullover 

Rowan Denim ~ Kay loves it!

Whitby Cabled Pullover by Jane Gottelier

2048 game ~ it IS addictive!

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Mason Dixon Knitting




Ann on IG

Kay on IG

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  • Susan says:

    Listening to your podcast! I follow you on bloglovin, I’ve just started. I’m voting in the March Mayhem, and I love the idea and it is so much fun! I’m trying to figure out which one of you is Ann and which is Kay in the picture of you and by your voices on the podcast? Not that it matters, it’s just fun! I love that you are sharing your passion for knitting, and the podcast is a great way to get to know you! Keep up the great work (blog)!

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