Episode 023 : Pussyhats, Craftivism & Next Steps


So, you’ve probably heard about these pink hats everyone was wearing at the women’s marches on January 21st 2017.  You may have even made some for yourself, your family and friends, or to donate to others.

But what did it all mean, anyway?  Why knit or crochet pink hats at all?  

What does it mean to use your creative crafting powers to make something as a political statement?

Today I ask that question to two people who have recently tackled those questions very publicly by creating their own patterns for others to knit or crochet in solidarity of a cause. 

Knitwear designer Bristol Ivy and Author Kim Werker have both been on this show before. I wanted to have them weigh in today because I really admire how they have each taken their energy and passion for human rights and channeled them into creating projects others can use to share their voices. 

I ask both Bristol and Kim to share their actionable next steps for crafters who want to continue on in the wake of the Pussy Hat phenomenon and continue with their own activism.


A Sea of Pink; Pussy Hats March on Washington

This isn’t necessarily a political conversation.. It is a conversation about how craftivism can create and strengthen communities, how it can give people permission to experiment with craft as a form of expression, and how we can come together, one small stitch at a time, to make a big impact. 

Knitwear designer Bristol Ivy shares the inspiration behind her new mitten pattern Peace de Resistance and the astounding amount of money it has already raised for multiple charities. She also tells us about why she marched in the Women’s March on Washington and how it strengthened her belief that we are all much more powerful when we stand together. 

Author Kim Werker talks about what feminism really means,  why she created her own crochet pussy hat pattern, and how by speaking out on her own beliefs she has emboldened others to join in and say that they believe in something too.



In This Episode

The original PussyHat pattern that created a sea of pink at Women’s Marches across the world.

The PussyHat Project aims to:

  1. Provide the people of the Women’s March on Washington D.C. a means to make a unique collective visual statement which will help activists be better heard.

  2. Provide people who cannot physically be on the National Mall a way to represent them- selves and support women’s rights.

Download your free printable postcard here

Kim & Bristol’s Action Steps for Craftivists:

  1. Take advantage of the access you have to your elected officials; call them, write letters, pay them a visit. 

  2. Be open to the possibility of not putting your own needs first; use your time and disposable income in new ways to help others.

  3. Try something that you’ve never done before to participate in your democracy.

  4. Gather with your craft community to write postcards (perhaps with wine!).

  5. Wear your hat.

  6. Make more hats to share.

  7. Consider donating your finished warm goods to a community in need, either close to home or farther away.


Find Bristol online

Peace de Resistance Mittens Pattern

Initial proceeds to benefit these organizations:


Find Kim online

Crochet Pussy Hat Pattern

Kim’s Craft + Activism Newsletter

Until next time…

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