Celebrating 5 Years of Stash


Sonia in Stash before

Stash before

I began knitting as an antidote to the loneliness of living in a new community with no friends of family nearby.  I needed to meet people, and going to a knitting group seemed like as good a way as any.  So I started going to a local Stitch ‘n Bitch meetup regularly.  I met some amazing people and became so inspired by all that was possible in knitting.

Little did I know, I was literally about to change the course of my life by going to this weekly knit night.  

Aside from discovering the joy of knitting, that time in my life was a trying and painful one. We were trying to get pregnant, and it wasn’t working. There were tests and procedures and losses. Through it all, I had my knitting, the one thing I could control in my life.  

You can read more of my knitting story here

Fast forward four years and we were moving to Oregon with our baby girl!  And a new dream began taking shape. It was the dream of a creative oasis: a space that would be beautiful, energetic, supportive, and fun.  A place where I could go to buy truly soulful and unique products that had a story to tell. A story I could continue on my needles.  

This imaginary place was so fun to spend time in!  Quickly the ideas were spilling out of my daydreams into notebooks, onto large pieces of paper on my wall, and into conversations with trusted friends.  It couldn’t be contained, and yet I had no idea how to open a yarn shop!  Who did I think I was to try?  Well, who was I not to?

Stash Before


stash logo window

Stash began 5 years ago when the discomfort of having this big unrealized dream became so great it could no longer be contained. That is, the risk of not doing this thing far exceeded the risks of doing it.  So I leapt into the unknown.  It was scary as hell, but also the most fun and satisfying thing I’ve ever done.  

My thoughts after opening weekend here

Those first couple of months we were open limited hours, with not a lot of yarn on the shelves. It quickly became apparent that our customers were hungry for more, and I was able to hire my first employee, Liz.  We began to grow our inventory and committed to featuring high quality artisan yarns.  The shop became active in the Corvallis community, participating in fundraisers, events, and festivals.  And we quickly started bringing in notable guest teachers to the shop to further our mission of inspiring creativity through education and support.


Our team of Stash Enhancers work tirelessly to bring create a supportive environment so that you may feel safe and encouraged to try new things.  We want to empower you to do anything you dream of with two sticks and a piece of yarn.  

Take that leap into the unknown and see what you can accomplish!  I promise there will be discomfort and uncertainty, and it may very well be messy.  But it will be worth it.  You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking these creative risks.

Thank you from the bottom of my wooly little heart for everything you have shared and given Stash over these past 5 years. Our doors wouldn’t remain open if it weren’t for your continued encouragement and frequent yarn buying habits!

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I hope you’ll join us in celebrating 5 years of Stash over the coming week.  We will be sharing more Stash stories on Instagram and Facebook, and hosting some fun giveaways. Make sure you’re following us on your favorite social media to see it all!


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