Episode 008: Thea Colman


Episode 008: Thea Colman

Thea Colman is a knitwear designer living in Massachusetts with her husband and two daughters. After working in advertising, Thea took a break from the 9-5 life to work at home and raise her children.  

Since then, Thea has become known for her design and cocktail parings, releasing her designs under the playful name Baby Cocktails.  Some of her most popular patterns are women’s garments and accessories; and with names like Dark & Stormy, Vodka Lemonade, and Irish Coffee, you can see she has fun while she works.

In this episode we talk at length about Thea’s designing process and how she chooses the yarn she knits with. She tells us how she switches gears when she feels like she’s spinning her wheels creatively, and shares her choices about how she uses her voice in a noisy world.  We also chat about the fun of collaborating versus competition, how she took a hobby she loved and turned it into a career, and the story behind her very first cocktail.

Baby Cocktails Design Collage

In this episode



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