Episode 004: Jewelry Designer Liz Grant

Ep004 Stash Podcast

Episode 004: Liz Grant

In this episode

Liz Grant is a talented jewelry designer and self-proclaimed magpie.  We first met 5 years ago and bonded quickly over new motherhood and a shared love for sparkly things. I fell hard for both her smart, direct and witty style in person, and her delicate, detailed work as an artisan.

In this episode Liz shares her struggles and successes as a work-from home and mom to two kiddos.  She speaks openly about The Struggle, protecting her time, handling rejection, working under pressure, managing an attention disorder and much more.  We chat at length about managing personal and business brands and what to share (and not share) on social media.

Reminder: these are adults having an adult conversation.  As such, there is the occasional usage of adult language.

Join us every 2 weeks for a new interview with a creative business owner, chats with the Stash Enhancers, bonus content, and more!

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  • Cathy says:

    So excited to take you along on my walk tonight. I enjoy the music at the start and I always smile when I hear your voice and was very interested to hear all about Liz Grant’s creative journey. Then the phone rang…..lovely phone call but was happy to get back to the podcast. I was captivated during my walk but was struck at the speed of both you and Liz’s speech. I didn’t remember you as a fast talker…more of a calm relaxed person. I thought perhaps Liz’s energy was energizing you or that since the birth of your second child your speech had changed. I mean, you do have a lot on your plate….mother, wife, business owner, creative maker, etc. It wasn’t until the closing of the podcast and the music I realized somehow I had hit the 1.5 speed thingy on my phone!!!!! Oh my…..I had to laugh at myself. But ….fast or not I loved your podcast. Keep up the good work!

  • tess says:

    Congratulations on your new podcast! I found you because I listen to Woolful podcasts as I walk in the morning & heard Ashley’s mention of you. I was intrigued because I manage a private Facebook group also called The Stash that evolved from the sad closing of our LYS in Aptos, CA. I have enjoyed each of your 4 episodes and added you to my playlist! Couldn’t resist coming here and commenting after hearing Liz Grant. Thank you to both of you for offering a visit with two creative women sharing a relaxed moment in time of their personal realities. It is when we are sharing at our most vulnerable that our creative spirits grow. Thank you to both of you and, especially Liz, for sharing her creative, vulnerable self. The procrastination, time management, struggle to make choices are all part of her personal process and gift. I am in my sixties and still awake each morning knowing i need to experience all those things still to be my best creative self.

  • Susan says:

    I LOVED this interview. I feel like it’s the most honest I’ve heard from a creative business person 🙂

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