Creative Conversations in Corvallis and Beyond

Sonia Ruyts

Creative Conversations in Corvallis & Beyond - The Stash Podcst

The Stash Podcast got some local press recently!

Keely Corder of The Corvallis Advocate reached out to me to discuss our shared love of podcasts and to ask about the story behind the podcast.  It was fun to reflect on why I started recording conversations with designers, artists, yarn dyers, and more.

“Ruyts creates a weekly podcast that is on par with those produced by much bigger podcast networks like WNYC studios. In fact, this local podcast has earned a five-star rating and landed on the coveted “New and Noteworthy” section of iTunes.

Ruyts is interested in what commonalities are shared between creative people of all kinds – how they seek creativity and what it means in their lives and work.”

Read the full feature article here.

Creative Conversations in Corvallis & Beyond: The Stash Podcast

Producing the podcast is a labor of love for me. We don’t have sponsors. I don’t have any paid help with it (my partner does the editing and gets paid in baked goods). The process is lengthy and includes: booking guests, scheduling, research, recording, editing, writing show notes, creating graphics, and social media marketing.  In total, each episode takes at least 4 hours to produce, sometimes more.

And I love it.

I love diving into deep conversations with a variety of creative people. I love hearing the stories of how they got to where the are today, unpacking the highs and lows along the way.  And I love sharing the stories with you.

My hope is that through hearing the stories of these makers and doers you will see what’s possible in your own life. That just maybe you’ll feel inspired to make your own creative risks.  To turn that thing you’ve been dreaming about into the light.  Or at lease provide you with some quality entertainment while you knit!

Listen to the latest episode of The Stash Podcast here. 

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