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Why We Block Our Knits : a Quick Guide

Why We Block our Knitting: The Ivy Trellis Hat

“I’ve never blocked any of my projects.” “Lace is the only thing I bother blocking.” “I don’t know how to block my knitting/crochet.” These are all statements we hear regularly here at Stash. Blocking is one of those things that unless you’re told what it is and why it matters, you might just skip altogether…. Keep Reading

Arbor : New from Brooklyn Tweed

Meet Brooklyn Tweed Arbor When we heard the news that Brooklyn Tweed was working on a new yarn, we were excited and intrigued.  We already love their existing line of rustic wool yarns. What would they come up with next?! As a Brooklyn Tweed Flagship Store, we are privy to these things a little bit… Keep Reading
Autumn Hand Knit Hat Roundup -

Autumn Hand Knit Hat Roundup

The rainy season has begun here in the Northwest, and there’s no better defense than hand knit wool hat.  A good wool hat can provide not only warmth and protection from the elements, but can also improve your mood. Any cold, grey day is greatly improved when you pop on a colorful hand-knit hat! We’ve… Keep Reading
Square and Stripe sweater by Veera Välimäki via

Meet the Samples :: Square & Stripe Sweater

Lately when I’m thinking about knitting a new sweater, I consider a few key things: Will this work with existing pieces of clothing? How does this piece make me feel? Do I feel feminine, powerful, sexy, classic, etc when I wear this piece?  And is this congruent with what I want to feel? Does it… Keep Reading
Craggy Peaks hat detail

Craggy Peaks Hat : Willamette by Imperial Yarn

There’s just something about colorwork that has our needles clicking in overdrive this time of year.  Perhaps it’s the obsessive need to swath ourselves and loved ones in wool. Perhaps its the constant craving to delight ourselves with new color pairings. It could even be that we’re trying to capture the mood of the season… Keep Reading