Book Review : Midwestern Knits


More than a collection of great knitwear, Midwestern Knits is a love letter to those special places where its designers spent time as children, adventured as adults, and chose to call home when starting a family.

The book takes us through three seasons in the Midwest, sharing both the designs and the stories behind the places that inspired them.  From the city architecture to windswept beaches of the Great Lakes to the earthy woods of Michigan, each design evokes a special place for its designer.

Midwestern Knits contains 13 original pieces, as well as a narrative about its inspiration. Each pattern is knit in a special yarn from the Midwest. There’s a great size range offered in the fashionable garments, and the accessories are both playful and functional.

Here are a few of our favorites from the collection.



Midtown by Carina Spencer

“A good city has brains and beauty, but everyone knows the best places also have heart.”

An exploration of the “heart of the nation”, Midtown embodies texture and a subtle nod to the heartland via a chevron motif.


On the Motorway by Adrienne Larsen

“Whenever I entered the Twin Cities at night, the elegant twisting of the streets was all that there was to greet me, and it always made me feel better about leaving my beautiful lakes country.”

We’re in love with the details of this vest, inspired by the pylons and ramps of a twisting overpass.  The structure of the cables paired with the feminine flair below the vest makes this a statement piece fit for a variety of styles.



Beechwood Hat & Cowl by Melynda Bernardi

“Grandpa would hand the kids each a brown grocery bag, send us up into the woods, and pay us a dollar when we came back with a bag filled with acorns.”

The  towering trees, calm streams, and rolling hills of Beechwood campground in Michigan were the inspiration for this cozy set.


Michigander Mitts by Laura Ricketts

“If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.”

Ever asked someone from Michigan what part of the state the live in and get a funny hand signal?  Michiganders will appreciate this geographically accurate depiction of their state, including the upper peninsula!  X marks the spot of your hometown, alma mater, or summer vacation spot.



Storm Cloud Tee by Laura Hulslander

“The crackle of thunder in the distance creeps closer with every crackling bolt of lightening spiking across the sky.  You hold your breath in the hot, humid air, waiting for the rain to come.”

There’s nothing like the heavy intensity of a Midwestern thunderstorm!  This tee shows the gathering of thunderclouds and the sweet anticipation of the cooling rain to come.

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You can preview the full collection of patterns from Midwestern Knits here.

The hard copy of the book also includes a nifty digital download code so you can print out the pattern you’re working on and toss it in your knitting bag.  Grab a copy in our brick and mortar store OR in our webshop here.

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