The Stash Enhancers love to visit fiber festivals together. Fiber friends for life!

Getting the Most Out of Your Visit to a Fiber Festival

Getting the Most Out of Your Visit to a Fiber Festival There’s a collective excitement in the air, a current of anticipation, an eagerness as we enter the space. I see booths lining the walkway, filled with color and texture.  My eyes search for that first bejeweled skein of yarn to jump out and grab… Keep Reading
Donut Worry: Knit Happy - Stash-exclusive kits

Donut Worry: Knit Happy!

It’s no secret that we love putting together exclusive themed kits for the shop. We also love sharing the stories of the makers behind some of our favorite products.  Combine the two and you’ve got magic! We’ve been planning this sweet surprise for a while now, and couldn’t keep it in any longer.  The original… Keep Reading
Why We Block Our Knits : a Quick Guide

Why We Block our Knitting: The Ivy Trellis Hat

“I’ve never blocked any of my projects.” “Lace is the only thing I bother blocking.” “I don’t know how to block my knitting/crochet.” These are all statements we hear regularly here at Stash. Blocking is one of those things that unless you’re told what it is and why it matters, you might just skip altogether…. Keep Reading