About Stash

Living in the Potential

Yarn is beautiful. It’s colorful.
It’s full of so much potential. Just like you.

At Stash, we know when you feel free to dream and live in the possibilities, you yourself unravel. You let loose of what’s practical and get thinking about what’s possible. It’s that freedom to imagine, explore, and take risks that feeds the soul in a way that can’t be described. Oh wait. It can. It’s called happiness.

We believe people are naturally creative. Your potential is simply wound up like that skein of yarn. You’ll only know what it could become when you start.

At Stash, we provide a beautiful, touch and feel experience to inspire your knitting fantasy life. We’ve got resources to equip you to tackle your next adventure and a community of artisans, designers, teachers, and knitters to empower you.

So join us. It’s more than a place to dream up your next project. It’s a place to discover what’s inside you.

Be free. Take risks. Live happy.


Sonia Ruyts

Chief Stash Enhancer

Sonia started Stash to spark creative action in fellow knitters. When she isn’t dreaming about yarn, Sonia loves to bake sweet treats, read a good book, get lost in a movie, putter in her garden, hunt for tasty restaurants, and make messes in the craft room with her daughter.

Her Knitting Story

Come Visit Us

Come to Corvallis!

At Stash, we harnessed the community’s creativity and stuck it all in one lovely store. We’re tucked away in the multi-craftual community of Corvallis, Oregon. Here you can explore our fiber festivals, enjoy the scenic beauty, get a taste of our region’s finest wine, and spend your days relaxing with us in Stash!