Episode 32: Meg McElwee of Sew Liberated

Episode 032: Meg McElwee of Sew Liberated


Meg McElwee is the sewing pattern designer behind Sew Liberated and is the author of two sewing books. Her favorite thing to do is marvel at the world alongside her three young children. She enjoys designing and making clothes that flatter the constantly shifting bodies of mothers. Meg believes that sewing is a self-care practice and enjoys slowing down and taking life one seam at a time.

In this episode Meg takes us back to the early days of her sewing pattern business. She shares how it began as a family affair in rural Mexico when she was a Montessori teacher to what it looks like now that she’s a homeschooling mama to 3 children.


During our conversation

We dive into the idea of making as self care, the complex, messy challenge of crafting guilt, why she values a relaxed life over busy-ness, and the essential benefits of creativity to our well-being.

Meg also shares her experience of parenting a critically ill child, and the new perspective that emerged and shaped priorities as she healed.  

I loved hearing Meg talk about how she prioritizes time to make so she can accessing her creative flow.  I was also eager to hear how she makes time spent in her shared creative space with her children work.  Listen in for lots of tips and stories about this from Meg- and be sure to check out the show notes below for a link to her studio tour.

We are in now in the tail end of Slow Fashion October, and one of my goals this is to make a piece of clothing. It’s been a while since I’ve made something wearable out of a piece of fabric, and I’m eager to return to my sewing machine.  You can bet that I have one of Meg’s patterns, the Matcha Top on deck, ready to go. It’s my guess that after you listen to this conversation, you’re going to want to grab some paint, yarn or fabric and get making, too.


In This Episode

Montessori prepared environment

Soule Mama

Built by Wendy 

Find Your Fade by former podcast guest Andrea Mowry

Paddington Bear movie

The Ultimate Stress Relief for Women 

Authentic Happiness – The New Positive Psychology 

Stasia’s Style School

Interview with Stasia Savasuk on this podcast

Meg’s post on crafting guilt


Links to Meg’s Books & patterns

Emmaline Apron – 1st pattern

Stasia dress 

Sew Liberated

Growing up Sew Liberated

Find Meg Online

Meg’s video tour of her studio



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