Episode 025 : Artist Amy T. Won

Episode 025 of The Stash Podcast : An interview with artist Amy T. Won

I believe that to be truly inspired, to live and create magically and extraordinarily, we must first be in awe of life, soak ourselves in wonder, be a friend to mystery and a lover of rapture. ~ Amy T. Won

Today we’re exploring the realm of creativity and asking some Big questions:

What IS creativity?  

How do you nurture or grow creativity in your life?

What does a creative life look like?

Episode 025 of The Stash Podcast : An interview with artist Amy T. Won

Amy T. Won is a designer and an artist making her mark on the world with her ethereal paintings and guided creative adventures.

Amy started out her creative career as an architect. While she loved the elements of design, she quickly realized that world was too rigid to contain her creativity. She yearned for something more expressive, and struggled to connect with her own voice in her work.

After 7 years in the architecture industry, Amy was burnt out. She gave herself a year sabbatical to explore her options and see what her next steps would be. Amy soon found herself designing and painting one-of a kind heirloom wedding invitations, then working as a brand designer.  

Eventually she started digging deeper, asking herself more probing questions like:

Who am I? What do I really want to make?  What do I want to stand for?

Episode 025 of The Stash Podcast : An interview with artist Amy T. Won

Imagine this: you’re an artist well versed in expressing other people’s ideas and translating them into your design work. But what happens when you want to start making art for yourself and find that you don’t have anything to say?

In this episode, Amy T. Won reveals her fears around not having anything interesting to say creatively. She shares how she began to nurture her creativity, bringing out a whole new inner world onto the canvas.  And she gives us some ideas for how to reconnect with our own stories and tap into a new depth of creativity. 

Episode 025 of The Stash Podcast : An interview with artist Amy T. Won

I love Amy’s sense of wonder and enthusiasm for the natural world. Her approach to creativity and tapping into your own inner experience is truly inspiring to me.

If you’re having any sort of creative plateau in your work, find yourself trying to push through a slump, or simply don’t know what to do next, this episode is sure to get you thinking about your work in a whole new way. 

In this Episode:

Susannah Conway – retreat

Marie Forleo’s B-School

Malay history

David Attenborough’s Life That Glows 

Vikings series

The Last Kingdom series

Find Amy Online:

Amy T. Won’s website (watch the video!)

A Travelogue of Enchantment – guide to creative adventures

Walk the Labyrinth 



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