2016 Wasn’t all Bad: A Year in Review

I’ve never written a year in review post before. Truthfully, it seems a little daunting.

A year is SO long!

But something has been bothering me lately. Maybe it’s bothered you, too.

There’s an overwhelming message of negativity, sadness, and hopelessness being shared in the world and on social media right now.

From the loss of one cultural icon after another to mass murders and racial & ethnic oppression; natural disasters and the battle for natural resources; major political divisiveness and a growing sense of economic uncertainty; it’s easy to understand why a lot of people feel like 2016 was a disaster.

But focusing on the negative alone only breeds more negativity.

But I’m here to ask you: was 2016 ALL bad?

I bet, if you sat down for just 10 minutes you could create a pretty great list of things that were meaningful to you this year.  And when you see those moments all together, you will start to feel a little more positive about the year as a whole. And that may just give you the energy to look forward, to see the possibility in the future, and take the actions that can help move your life forward and perhaps help in some of those areas that felt so overwhelming this year.

This is just what the Stash Enhancers and I did at our most recent staff meeting.

We were all feeling a little worn out after the busy-ness of the holidays, and taking this time to shine a light on the rest of the year made us all feel a renewed sense of excitement for the year ahead.

Try it, and let us know in the comments what some of your favorite moments of 2016 were – crafting, or otherwise!

2016 at Stash

The year began in a flurry of excitement as we announced out Big Project for 2016: The Yarn Story Collection.

This idea came about late in 2015 in classic fashion, and we busted a move and called in some favors to make the first couple of chapters happened FAST.  Many thanks to everyone who said YES without hesitation and poured themselves into this new project.  We had 12 incredible fiber artisans collaborate with us to create some truly memorable yarns.


You can go back and read the stories of these incredible women in the 12 chapters of the Yarn Story Collection here.

This year brought us visits from some incredible dyers and designers: Sabrina Famellos from Anzula, Brooke Sinnes of Sincere Sheep.

We were also able to bring in some smart, talented designers to teach classes at the shop: designers Bristol Ivy, Annie Rowden, Shannon Squire, and Lee Meredith all visited the shop.

We love bringing designers and artisans to the shop. Their knowledge and experience adds diversity and richness to our local fiber community. We all learn something when these talented folks come to Stash and share their gifts with us.

Quince & Co_Chickadee

In 2016 we became a Flagship Store for both Quince & Company AND Brooklyn Tweed yarns. What what?!?!

This was huge.

We are thrilled to be partnered with these two incredible American yarn companies. The work they are doing to revitalize the American wool industry is admirable, and the resulting yarns beautiful.  We are proud to offer their yarn to our community.  You can find the full line of Brooklyn Tweed yarns in our Corvallis shop and online. Our selection of Quince & Co. yarns is always expanding and changing, so check in often!

VKLIVE_2016_Stash_Booth VKLIVE_2016_Stash_Sincere_Sheep

In May I loaded up my wife and a car full of yarn to head to Pasadena CA for Vogue Knitting Live.  We shared a booth with and partnered with Sincere Sheep (above) and Fringe Supply Co. to fill a booth full of beautiful and unique goodies.  It was fun to see some familiar faces and meet new friends in the sun of SoCal!



One of our favorite annual traditions is having a booth at the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene every June. This is a weekend fiber lovers dream of: barns and buildings full of yarn,  textiles,fiber, and the animals it all comes from. Getting to pet a Shetland sheep in the bard and then feel some finished Shetland wool yarn in the same place is a little bit of magic.

It’s always so fun to see some of our vendor partners, lots of customers and your finished objects, and of course: buy more yarn!  You may think that working at a yarn store makes us immune to the allure of yarn & fiber at an event, but let me assure you: it does NOT.

In August we said goodbye to our beloved Stash Enhancer Sydney as she moved on to NYC for graduate school.  Before she left, we did get to pay her tribute with her very own Madelinetosh colorway.

Read the story of Sydney’s Stash here. 


Saying goodbye also meant that we said hello to a new team member, Aubri.  Her enthusiasm for fiber crafts plus her ability to authentically connect with everyone who walks through our doors makes Aubri an invaluable addition to the Stash family.

She is also revamping our class program for 2017, so keep watching our newsletter and events page for news!

Celebrating 5 years of Stash!

October marked our 5th year in business!  What a celebratory month it was, full of events and new merchandise and treats from all of you. Thank you so much for everything.

You can catch up on a lot of the stories and people that made up the past 5 years by reading these posts:

Stash Podcast Season 2

2016 was the first full year of the Stash Podcast!  This has been an incredibly fun and satisfying passion project for me. I love speaking with a diverse group of smart, creative makers and doers. Sharing these conversations with you is absolutely on of my favorite things.

In case you missed an episode or two, here’s the lineup of our 2016 podcast guests. Click on any link to listen now!


This year had its challenges inside the shop and in the world at large. But when I take a moment to reflect on all that was good about the year, I feel so much better. I feel excited for all that we accomplished, the relationships we grew, the people that we helped grow as crafters, and the community that we support and encourage every single day.  And that’s not nothing.

Now it’s your turn: let us know in the comments what some of your favorite moments of 2016 were – at Stash, in your crafting life, or otherwise!


  • Carol Ann Meadows says:

    I just finished a pair of “Farm Slippers,” (pattern purchased at Stash) using Brooklyn Tweed Quarry yarn, also purchased at your lovely shop! Still need to block them, but they are very toasty — especially nice since we are getting sub-zero temperatures where I live! My 2016 purchases will warm my toes in 2017!

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