Episode 013 : Photographer Chris Becerra


EPISODE 013: Photographer Chris Becerra

Chris Becerra is a professional photographer, dedicated father of 3, and all around passionate guy.  Whether he’s remodeling his home, outfitting a van into the ultimate on-the-go photography studio, or photographing a wedding or birth, Chris comes at work and life with great curiosity and enthusiasm.

In this episode Chris shares his biggest regret, the details of how he made the leap from working as a teacher and shooting weddings in his spare time to becoming a full time professional photographer.  

He is passionate about helping other creative entrepreneurs and this episode is loaded with his real life experiences and tips that can be applied to a variety of industries.

We’ll also hear his perspective on blending work and family life. And He speaks candidly about the challenges of being a self-employed dad and the unexpected affects on his family life once he took his photography business full time.

During our conversation, I couldn’t wait to ask Chris how I could take better pictures of that thing we all love: yarn!  You’ll be happy to hear that he shares his 3 tips for taking better photos, which have already helped me improve my yarn photography skills!

In this Episode

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Behind the scenes of our recording session!

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