Episode 017: Kathy Dixon of Despondent Dyes

Episode 018 of the Stash Podcast: Kathy Dixon of Despondent Dyes

Episode 017: Kathy Dixon

Kathy Dixon is the dyer behind the brightly colored and tongue-in-cheek named yarn that is Despondent Dyes. With colorway names like He Kept the Dog, The Color of the Marriage Counselor’s Rug and Lipstick on His Collar, you know this yarn has a story to tell.

Her path to becoming a popular yarn dyer didn’t happen overnight, though. In fact, Kathy’s path has taken her from art school to motherhood, cake decorator and real estate investor to yarn slinger at Stash, and more.

Kathy Dixon of Despondent Dyes.

Kathy likes to knit. A lot.

It might be an understatement to say that Kathy has had a very colorful and creative past.  Whatever she does, Kathy brings an incredible amount of passion and curiosity to the task.

She tells us about attending the dye workshop that changed her future, and the legwork that had been done before hand to help starting her own business fall into place.  We talk color way names and the inspiration behind them, and her process for developing colorways.

Kathy also tells us her secrets to “doing it all”. You might just be surprised by what is at the top of her list.

In this episode

Find Despondent Dyes at Stash in store and online, and at Despondent Dyes Etsy shop

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Kathy’s knitwear designs on Ravelry 

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