Sit & Spin Sunday

This past Sunday some spinners invaded Stash.  They were most welcome, of course, and I was excited to see the local spinners in action.  You see, I don’t spin (yet) and was dipping my toe in the water to check the temp, so to speak. The spinning itself was mesmerizing and looked quite relaxing.  What… Keep Reading

Silver Spotlight

The angels sang: it is silver, and it is good.  And it was the new sofa at Stash, via the fabulous and handy Jessica at Mod Pod. Finally, a glamorous yet cozy place to relax, peruse patterns, and knit or crochet. And if you’re me, a great place to pose yarn for a moment in… Keep Reading

Tis the Season

For candy corn, that is.  The sweet little niblets come around just once a year, and I tend to overdo it each season.  This year I’ve had a candy dish of the stuff on the counter at Stash, and we have all been enjoying it.  One day I forgot to bring lunch and ended up… Keep Reading

In the Beginning…

…there was yarn. And a space. And a shop girl hoping the knitters, spinners and crocheters would come see it. And they did. It was a great opening weekend at Stash! I have been humbled and overwhelmed by all the people coming in to say hi, shop for yarn, and share information with each other. This… Keep Reading

A Work in Progress

Stash has been a work in progress for a long time.  From that first little seed of a dream buried deep within, to an empty storefront, and now a stocked yarn shop, we’ve come a long way.  Now, just days away from the official opening day, I thought it would be fun to take a… Keep Reading