Episode 024 : Cookbook Author Jessica Murnane

Episode 24 of the Stash Podcast featuring cookbook author Jessica Murnane

Episode 024 – Cookbook Author Jessica Murnane

Jessica Murnane is a wellness advocate, podcaster, cookbook author, and all around stylish and powerful lady. She can rock a hat and kaftan like nobody’s business, all while creating delicious plant-based meals for her new cookbook, One Part Plant

Five years ago Jessica was headed for a hysterectomy at the age of thirty-three, because of her Stage 4 endometriosis. She couldn’t get out of bed most mornings because her pain had become so severe. She did everything she could to get better.  And then a friend shared a big idea that would not only help Jessica manage the symptoms of endometriosis, but literally change the course of her life.

Jessica Murnane offers you the tools to easily and deliciously make plants the star of your plate

In this episode you’ll hear more about Jessica’s struggle with endometriosis  as well as her entrepreneurial journey from graphic designer to stationary shop owner to bar owner, to finally finding her calling helping people through food. She candidly shares her struggles to find her calling, and how when she did find it, it lead her to unexpected places.

I’m not vegan but I love good food, and Jessica’s work has profoundly influenced me in my journey to eating more health fully.   Eating just on plant-based meal a day is totally doable, and has done a lot to improve how I feel and relate to food.e

I love Jessica’s down to earth, accessible approach to food and the conversation she has started with the one part plant movement.

Learn more about Jessica Murnane's story of fighting endometriosis through food on The Stash Podcast.

Jessica + son Sid

The One Part Movement, aka the new Meatless Monday

Jessica’s book One Part Plant literally comes out tomorrow (Feb 21st). I have one in my hands right now, and I can tell you it is beautiful The layout and photography are stunning, and I can’t help but drool when I look at the recipes.  From dips and spreads to salads, and hearty main courses, Jessica has you covered for that one plant-based meal a day. Including dessert.

Pre-orders are available on Amazon and include a little discount.  Of course you can also head to your local bookstore tomorrow to pick one up. 

Eating a plant-based diet doesn't have to mean giving up treats. Hear more from One Part Plant author Jessica Murnane on The Stash Podcast.

chocolate chunk cookies = double yum

Jessica’s Top 10 Pantry Items

Make cooking a plant-based meal easy peasy any night of the week by keeping these ingredients on hand.

  1. Gluten-Free Flours

  2. Plant-Based Milks

  3. Nuts and Seeds

  4. Tahini

  5. Natural Sweeteners

  6. Beans and Lentils

  7. Gluten-Free Grains

  8. Coconut

  9. Seed and Nut Butters

  10. Veggie Broth 


  1. Nutritional Yeast 

  2. Tamari

Eating one plant-based meal a day is easy when you keep your pantry and fridge stocked with these essentials. From the One Part Plant cookbook by Jessica Murnane

Za’atar Sweet Potatoes + Kale

In This Episode

Paper Source

Skin Cleanse

The Bachelor

Michael Ian Black Podcast

Andy Cohen + The Real Housewives franchise

Drake on Pandora

Endometreosis Resources

Jessica Murnane Endometriosis Diet

The Doctor Will See You Now: Recognizing and Treating Endometriosis 

This Endo Life

Find Jessica Online


One Part Plant Podcast

The Cookbook Deal


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Cables, Cables, and Some More Cables

We are living in a golden age of knitting. Knitters today are almost spoiled for choice when it comes to the number of incredible yarns and patterns available on any given day. How is a knitter to choose from so many great options?!

We prioritize keeping our eyes on the newest designs and collections from established designers, as well as watching for fresh designs from up and comers. We curate the best of the classics and contemporary designs for you to choose from.

So when Michele Wang teamed up with Brooklyn Tweed to release their second Capsule collection this winter, we were paying attention.  As soon as we saw the preview pictures of the patterns, we knew this would be an instant classic.

Buy the Book Now

Michele Wang has excelled at combining classic silhouettes with intricate cables and innovative design details.  Designed using yarn from Brooklyn Tweed makes this stunning collection even more special. Brooklyn Tweed is known for creating beautiful yet rugged American sourced wools in a huge array of colors.  We stock them all in our brick and mortar shop as well as online.

While we appreciate all the designs in this new collection, these four stood out to us as must-haves of the I must cast this on immediately variety!


Deep winter calls for cozy cabled pullovers. Hague really pulls out all the stops with a cozy, boxy fit that doesn’t sacrifice design details. This pullover is a quick knit in chunky Quarry, and the bold texture of this garment means the motifs won’t be lost in darker colors. The sample is shown in Slate; we’d love to see it knit up in a deep, moody color like Hematite or Obsidian.

Shop Our Stash of Quarry Now


Speaking of cozy, wouldn’t you love to wrap yourself up in a generous knee-length knitted robe?  On top of its ornate motifs, Aspen boasts a full array of perfect details: a large shawl collar shaped with short rows, set-in sleeves, generous pockets, a ribbed belt and belt loops. Subtle A-line shaping allows for easy movement within a trim silhouette.  Because of the variety of cable details, we recommend choosing a lighter color to highlight your work.   Shown in Fossil, we would also love to see this in a delicate blue or lavender.

Shop Our Stash of Shelter Now


If more delicate cables are your taste, the Celyn pullover has you covered. A directional lattice of cabled ribs is mirrored on the fronts, but slants across the full width of the back of the sweater. Celyn’s stockinette sleeves are set in, with fully fashioned decreases to elegantly shape the caps. The elongated silhouette is shaped with a gentle A-line for a comfortable, flattering fit.  Celyn is shown here in Snowbound. We’d love to see it turned up with a little color!  How about trying Long Johns or Blanket Fort?

Shop Our Stash of Shelter Now



If you’re not feeling up to tackling a sweater at the moment, Cleridae will definitely satisfy the urge to knit some cables. Sturdy cabled trunks interspersed among the ribs of the brim branch into more delicate interlacing motifs on a ground of reverse stockinette. The ribbed crown finishes with an optional pompom. We always recommend adding that pom!  Shown here in Faded Quilt, this hat would look great in any of the colors from the Shelter palette. All you need to do is decide if you want your hat to be a neutral staple or vibrant statement accessory.

Shop Our Stash of Shelter Now

We’ve shown you a few of our favorite designs by Michele Wang from the Capsule Winter 2017 collection. There are plenty more to inspire your next cast on!

View the entire collection on Ravelry here, or buy the book here.

Which cable project has caught your attention?  Let us know in the comments below!

Introducing: The Stash Class Pass

At Stash, we work hard to bring you classes and events that are exciting and innovative. We love seeing you learn and grow your fiber crafting skills!

In order to support your journey we’re offering something EXTRA special for 2017…

The Stash Class Pass!!!

Invest in yourself and in expanding and deepening your understanding of knitting & other needle arts.  We make time for what’s important to us. By committing in advance to making time for your craft, you will create the space to expand your skills by leaps and bounds.

We offer a variety of classes each month from beginner to advanced. Each class is taught by a qualified Stash Enhancer at the shop and is designed to meet each student’s individual needs.


Purchase your Stash Class Pass now 


Who should purchase a Class Pass?

You know how to knit, but you’re ready to level up:

You’re an experienced knitter, and you want to build your knitting toolbox at the best possible value:

You’re brand new and want to learn to knit or crochet and have the additional support of classes and help sessions.

Why should I purchase a Class Pass?

Purchasing a Class Pass gives you several perks:

  • Pass holders will get an email as soon as classes go live online.

  • You will receive a volume discount on class fees; the higher number of classes on your pass, the lower price you’re paying per class.

  • Class passes are a fun way to support us and help us grow our class offerings. Choosing to buy a class pass shows us you’re just as excited about classes at Stash as we are. It helps us plan for attendance, and increase the offerings we provide!

How do Class Passes work?

You may purchase a class pass in increments of 3, 5, or 10 classes, which are redeemable for any of our in-house offerings. To register, call or sign up in person (online registration coming soon).  We track each class you take automatically. We’ll let you know when you’re running low on classes, so you have time to purchase your next class pass.  No hassle!

Purchase your Stash Class Pass 

Upcoming Class Examples:

  • Sweater Lab – A two-session class to help you tackle sweater knitting. You pick the pattern, we help you learn to knit it.

  • Learn to Knit – Learn the basics of knitting and start your first project

  • Learn to Knit II – Build on your basic knitting skills with advanced beginner techniques

  • Sock Blank Dyeing with Kathy – learn basic yarn dyeing techniques and dye your own single or double stranded sock blank to knit with later

  • Linen Top Workshop – learn how to work with linen yarns to make beautiful garments

  • Sock Workshop – basic sock construction and techniques for toe up socks

  • Baby Knits – baby handknits, for your own baby or to give as gifts! Mom-favorites, techniques, and tips for the perfect baby items

View Our Upcoming Classes Now 


So what’s the bottom line? It’s simple!

  • 3 Class Pass – $119 (a 10% discount)

  • 5 Class Pass – $189 (a 15% discount)

  • 10 Class Pass – $359 (a 20% discount)

Purchase your Stash Class Pass now 

Gift Giving:

Purchasing a Class Pass makes a great gift!  Just like our gift certificates, it allows the recipient to tailor their Stash experience to their own needs and tastes!  Also, they get to choose when, and what type of classes they want to take, and you get the brownie points of giving a thoughtful and super-fun gift.  It’s a definite win-win!

The Fine Print:

  • Class Passes are only redeemable for classes taught by a Stash Enhancer.

  • Class Passes are not valid for Guest Designer classes

  • Class Passes do not automatically guarantee a seat in a class. You must call or stop in to register to reserve your space.

  • Class Passes are valid for one year from the date purchased. You must use all punches within the year.

  • Materials Fees may apply to some classes; see a Stash Enhancer for details.

Episode 023 : Pussyhats, Craftivism & Next Steps


So, you’ve probably heard about these pink hats everyone was wearing at the women’s marches on January 21st 2017.  You may have even made some for yourself, your family and friends, or to donate to others.

But what did it all mean, anyway?  Why knit or crochet pink hats at all?  

What does it mean to use your creative crafting powers to make something as a political statement?

Today I ask that question to two people who have recently tackled those questions very publicly by creating their own patterns for others to knit or crochet in solidarity of a cause. 

Knitwear designer Bristol Ivy and Author Kim Werker have both been on this show before. I wanted to have them weigh in today because I really admire how they have each taken their energy and passion for human rights and channeled them into creating projects others can use to share their voices. 

I ask both Bristol and Kim to share their actionable next steps for crafters who want to continue on in the wake of the Pussy Hat phenomenon and continue with their own activism.


A Sea of Pink; Pussy Hats March on Washington

This isn’t necessarily a political conversation.. It is a conversation about how craftivism can create and strengthen communities, how it can give people permission to experiment with craft as a form of expression, and how we can come together, one small stitch at a time, to make a big impact. 

Knitwear designer Bristol Ivy shares the inspiration behind her new mitten pattern Peace de Resistance and the astounding amount of money it has already raised for multiple charities. She also tells us about why she marched in the Women’s March on Washington and how it strengthened her belief that we are all much more powerful when we stand together. 

Author Kim Werker talks about what feminism really means,  why she created her own crochet pussy hat pattern, and how by speaking out on her own beliefs she has emboldened others to join in and say that they believe in something too.



In This Episode

The original PussyHat pattern that created a sea of pink at Women’s Marches across the world.

The PussyHat Project aims to:

  1. Provide the people of the Women’s March on Washington D.C. a means to make a unique collective visual statement which will help activists be better heard.

  2. Provide people who cannot physically be on the National Mall a way to represent them- selves and support women’s rights.

Kim & Bristol’s Action Steps for Craftivists:

  1. Take advantage of the access you have to your elected officials; call them, write letters, pay them a visit. 

  2. Be open to the possibility of not putting your own needs first; use your time and disposable income in new ways to help others.

  3. Try something that you’ve never done before to participate in your democracy.

  4. Gather with your craft community to write postcards (perhaps with wine!).

  5. Wear your hat.

  6. Make more hats to share.

  7. Consider donating your finished warm goods to a community in need, either close to home or farther away.


Find Bristol online

Peace de Resistance Mittens Pattern

Initial proceeds to benefit these organizations:


Find Kim online

Crochet Pussy Hat Pattern

Kim’s Craft + Activism Newsletter

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Episode 022: Quilter Giuseppe Ribaudo


EPISODE 022 – Giuseppe Ribaudo

Today’s guest is Giuseppe Ribaudo, former actor turned quilter and multimedia manager at Andover Fabrics

I was first drawn to his work by his bold, unconventional use of color and his modern aesthetic. He’s been on my guest wishlist for the show for a while, but when our own Stash Enhancer Hannah came to me recommending him, I knew we had to make this happen. Apparently they went to college together, and Hannah helped teach G how to knit. Don’t you love how small this community is sometimes?!

More than works of textile art, Giuseppe’s pieces tell a story. They are bold and graphic, while also being modern and classic at the same time.  They speak to his love of family, his yearning to bring color and warmth to the world, and of his unique position in the quilting community. 

As he says in our interview, color is inspiring, feeds our souls, and is never boring.  It’s easy to connect with a piece when all of these things are at play, even when you don’t practice that medium yourself.

I am not a quilter (yet, anyway), but I cannot help but feel excited and inspired when I see G’s work.  And that’s just one of the reasons I love looking outside my own industry and hobbies for fresh ideas.

In this episode we talk about Giuseppe’s intuitive color sense and how he looks for new possibilities within familiar materials. He also dives into what it’s really like being a guy in a female-dominated industry, and what he wishes for the community as a whole.  I think the power of color and the value of community are our themes for this episode!

Giuseppe_Ribaudo_Stash_Podcast_01 Giuseppe_Ribaudo_Stash_Podcast_02

In this episode

Andover Fabrics

Brooklyn Tweed

Stephen West Steven Be on The Stash Podcast

Black Mirror 

Stranger Things


Jackie (natalie portman)

Ray Bradbury

Golden Girls

30 Rock

Parks & Recreation

Will & Grace

Find Giuseppe online


We All Sew / Bernina Ambassador

Giuseppe_Ribaudo_Stash_Podcast_03 Giuseppe_Ribaudo_Stash_Podcast_04

Until next time…

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